coxsackievirus, and con(carbon)venience

Tuesday I got sick, which wasn’t surprising, considering I stayed up all night on Monday into Tuesday finishing the write-up of a qualitative research project for one of my classes.  By early afternoon, I had lost my voice to a sore throat and was started to hallucinate a bit, colors appearing funny, too bright and too dim at turns.

It was supposed to be carbon-free or low-carbon transport day.  I’m not going to mince words: I completely and totally failed at not driving my car because of my sleep deprivation, complete and total focus on completing my paper, and viral illness.  I drove to the health center on campus as well as another appointment.   I also, in my delirium, bought some food from a cart on campus wrapped in plastic.  I wasn’t thinking, it was a programmed response to hunger and the availability of food.  Incredible how automatic many of our decisions are, and how the infrastructure around us doesn’t support low-waste decision making.  I suppose this isn’t the most inspiring or positive post, but I think it captures how much of an effort this type of lifestyle is.  Hitting a pothole makes the low-carbon vehicle spin a bit out of control.  When tired and unwell, I embraced convenience with gusto (and, admittedly, green-guilt as well).

I’m not going to use my car for the remainder of the week, recommitting to this process.  I managed to avoid its internal combustion engine today, but that was easy, given that I slept nearly all hours as I recuperated.   In my own accounting, I’m going to merge yesterday and today and zero out my transportation balance.  Tomorrow, local, vegetarian food becomes the challenge.  I’ll have to stop by the neighborhood farmer’s market on my bike in the morning.


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